What Clients Say About Attorney Ronald S. Pohl

People facing a wide array of financially and personally significant legal challenges come to the Pohl Law Group in Manhattan based on our reputation and often via referrals from other lawyers and professional associates. Not everyone who achieves a positive outcome expresses their appreciation in writing, but when they do, their insights are telling.

We invite you to consider these summaries of how Ron Pohl has taken care of clients and rewarded their trust.

Strategic, Creative Resolution Of Estate Problems And Conflicts

"This is to express my sincere appreciation for your outstanding efforts in conjunction with the successful resolution of my dad's estate. When I first came to you, we were in truly bad shape, having been misguided by a major law firm many times your size and having paid exorbitant fees for their poor counsel.

"In a very short time, you whipped this mess into shape and aggressively pursued a creative strategy that most attorneys would not have had the stomach to pursue. We all crossed our fingers and placed our confidence in you and, Voila! You did it. I want to express my gratitude and admiration for your intelligence, strength of conviction and patience in seeing this through to a successful conclusion." — estate administration client Steven B.

Treating Each Case As If Our Own Interests Were On The Line

"I was fortunate to meet Ronald Pohl at a time in my life when my sibling was trying to deprive me of my inheritance. I believe that if I had been with another attorney, I would have ended up with a tiny percentage of what my father left to me.

"Ron is not only an expert in estates law, he is also a CPA, which enabled him to understand the company balance sheets I brought to him. Above all, he took my case on as if it were his own, fully engaging in difficult negotiations. When it became clear that we would have to litigate, he not only was honest with me about the possible outcomes, but he chose a talented and equally dedicated litigator. The three of us made a powerful team. Ron and the litigator developed an original and, as it turned out, winning strategy. The two attorneys never took a step without consulting me, treating me with respect and consideration.

I hope to never have this type of problem again. But if I do, I would go, actually run, to Ron Pohl, a great attorney." — estate litigation client Jane F.

Efficient, Forthright Communication To Overcome Complex Challenges

"I was in need of an estates attorney to help with issues regarding the Last Will and Testament of my sister. My legal issues were 2,000 miles away, spanned two states (New York and New Jersey), and I had to deal with a slippery sort of fellow who represented my opponent.

" ... Mr. Pohl proved to be just what I needed. He was able to work efficiently by phone and email so that I was able to avoid trips to NYC. He was knowledgeable and, most importantly, he was able to give me clear and detached advice. Needless to say, Mr. Pohl dealt with the other attorney, greatly reducing my stress level, and he achieved a resolution that was satisfactory to me." — client Ron Q.

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