Planned Gifting And Charitable Contributions

People successful and fortunate enough to have wealth to pass along typically have many charitable causes requesting their help — and perhaps one, or a few, that hold special significance and value for them. Wading through the many issues associated with charitable giving — as well as strategically planned wealth transfers within your family — can be a daunting prospect.

Exploring, Selecting And Implementing Financially Sound Giving Strategies

Attorney Ronald S. Pohl listens to our clients and takes their dreams and desires to give back to their communities to heart. With decades of wide-ranging experience across the spectrum of estate and tax law, he is well-equipped to help you explore options for charitable giving or charitable entity formation. Beyond identifying specific types of trusts, annuities and foundations optimally suited to your goals, he will work rigorously and ethically to help you leave the overall legacy and heritage that you envision.

A Creative Approach To Legacy Planning, Grounded In Human Compassion

“I had found a charity that would do exactly what he wanted, using his bequest to endow scholarships, and I started thinking: Instead of just getting a letter from them saying, ‘Thank you very much for this nice gift,’ maybe they could do something for him while he was alive.” — attorney Ron Pohl, commenting on his work with client and composer Julius Burger in the Parade magazine article, “The Concert Of A Lifetime” by Michael Ryan. Read more on our Publicity page.

You may have many questions about when and how to start transferring wealth without incurring unnecessary taxes or compromising your own financial security. If you would like to discuss charitable aspirations, your overall estate plan or other concerns with a lawyer who will focus on who you are individually and what you want to achieve, call or email us at the Pohl Law Group in Manhattan.