Protecting Financial Interests Before Marriage Or During Divorce

Prenuptial agreements are a valuable legal tool for those who wish to enter into marriage free from nagging financial concerns about how property will be divided. But for a prenup to provide this protection and peace of mind for you, it must be carefully drafted.

At the Pohl Law Group in Manhattan, we have extensive experience protecting the financial interests of clients in New York City and throughout the region. Using his estate planning expertise, attorney Ronald S. Pohl will work closely with a matrimonial lawyer to ensure that your prenuptial agreement protects your interests and is drafted to stand up to judicial scrutiny.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Prenup?

Key advantages of prenups include:

  • Protecting property by defining which assets each spouse would be entitled to in a divorce
  • Protecting one spouse from assuming the debt obligations of the other
  • Preserving the inheritance rights of family members from previous marriages
  • Setting limits on the amount of spousal support (alimony) one spouse would pay the other in a divorce
  • Establishing the groundwork for resolving future disputes

A prenuptial agreement means little, however, if it does not hold up in court. And even when the agreement is valid, to serve your interests, it must be structured carefully, with close attention to your estate plan, as well as your personal goals and circumstances.

Get A Careful Review Of Your Prenup Or Divorce Settlement

In addition to reviewing prenuptial agreements for his clients, Mr. Pohl provides a careful assessment of proposed divorce settlement proposals. Working with your matrimonial lawyer, he will provide guidance aimed at making sure that the terms of a prenup or settlement are in accordance with your goals and interests.

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