Commercial Litigation Strategies: A Knowledgeable Attorney In Manhattan

Disputes over contracts, business obligations and control, real estate, and other matters can be unavoidable for anyone in a leadership or ownership position. But most people definitely want to avoid courtrooms if possible, with all the stress, uncertainty and costs that full-blown litigation can bring.

Do You Need A Front-Line Legal Adviser — Before You Make A Move In Litigation?

The lawyer you turn to for commercial litigation strategies should be one you trust to apply balanced perspective and deliver an honest assessment of your position, risks and all foreseeable outcomes. Every path of inquiry and decision must be guided by the ultimate question: What is really best for you? And to answer that, your legal adviser should know quite a bit about who you are.

Ronald S. Pohl’s wide-ranging legal background has exposed him to countless complex business-related disputes, including many over property ownership, the validity and settlement of an estate or trust, succession of a business, alleged debts and other issues. He is adept in the analysis and negotiations required to avoid litigation and its potentially staggering costs. He is also respected for adding perspective and shaping strategy in concert with litigation counsel when a matter appears bound for full-blown litigation.

Innovative In Dispute Resolution · Wide-Ranging Tax And Financial Knowledge

Many litigation outcomes and settlements that looked favorable at the time have paled considerably once legal fees and tax consequences were taken into full account. Our clients at the Pohl Law Group consistently benefit from Mr. Pohl’s panoramic view of the specific situation and their critical interests, including taxation and the value of preserving a business relationship.

If you would like to discuss a contractual dispute, estate concerns or other matters, we invite you to contact us at the Pohl Law Group in Manhattan. Attorney Pohl serves many clients throughout New York City and in Westchester County, New Jersey and other states.