Personal Legal Counsel You And Your Family Can Trust

Businesses often retain general counsel to address their ongoing legal challenges and questions as they emerge. When the situation demands it, this “point person” also calls upon other lawyers and coordinates their efforts — all with the constant goal of protecting the client’s interests. This model also makes excellent sense for many individuals and families.

Do You Need One Attorney For Cohesive Protection Of Your Financial, Business And Personal Interests?

If you have built a substantial portfolio of assets, you may have a growing portfolio of legal concerns to match. Ideally, you could make one call for prompt attention and guidance from a lawyer who already has insight into your priorities, family dynamics, risks and other factors. Numerous long-standing clients in New York City and elsewhere rely on attorney Ron Pohl for this level of individualized, multidisciplinary counsel.

The smaller, hands-on composition of the Pohl Law Group transcends the bureaucracy of large law firms. Our mandate is a comprehensive understanding of your personal and business goals, and one point person will coordinate all of your legal services. This way, you and your family can be assured of effective legal representation, leaving you with peace of mind and your most valuable commodity: time.

Mr. Pohl is an attorney and CPA with extensive experience across the spectrum of trusts, estates and tax planning; estate settlement and litigation; contract issues; and business law concerns. Our Manhattan-based practice and client relationships are structured to avoid the bureaucracy, miscommunication and inefficiencies that can result from working with multiple lawyers at a larger firm.

Personal Counsel In Action, Whenever The Call Arises

Case Study: Although Yom Kippur is a day for atonement, our client was experiencing a remorseless attack on his country estate. He and his neighbor were immersed in a property dispute, and his neighbor’s bulldozer was idling on his property line, ready to plow a road through his pristine forest land. Desperate, the client called attorney Ron Pohl, who was heading to temple services. Through long-distance negotiations, the bulldozer was turned away and the neighbor was enjoined from taking further immediate action. Temple services were ultimately attended and, in keeping with the solemnity of the holiday, the client was not charged.

Attorney Ron Pohl has received widespread recognition for his dedication to clients and consistently ethical approach. To discuss our personal general counsel services or a specific legal concern, we encourage you to email or call us at the Pohl Law Group.