A Respected Estate And Trust Administration Attorney In Manhattan

Estate and trust administration are ongoing, multidisciplinary processes. They must be approached properly and comprehensively and actively managed to maximize tax efficiency, promote family harmony and avoid controversy. Our estate planning clients at the Pohl Law Group gain tremendous peace of mind knowing that we address legal and personal issues promptly and effectively. They also know exactly whom to call when the time for settlement arises.

Engaged, Full-Service Representation In Estate Proceedings

Attorney Ronald S. Pohl is an attorney and CPA with decades of experience protecting clients throughout the processes required to settle trusts and estates in New York. His knowledge of estate and tax law is panoramic, with established strengths in:

  • Identifying the most advantageous structures and vehicles for clients when creating, amending or overhauling comprehensive, trust-based estate plans
  • Proactively addressing all estate and gift tax concerns and requirements — backed by extensive experience protecting clients’ interests in tax audits
  • Structuring commercial transactions and addressing a range of other needs that often arise in the course of settling a substantial estate
  • Emphasizing clear communication, accessibility and compassion throughout a stressful and demanding time for administrators and beneficiaries — including those who live in Florida or elsewhere, but have concerns involving an estate or property in New York

When Family Disputes Impede Settlement, Your Lawyer Must Have A Litigation Strategy

Splitting a diamond is hard. But for one of attorney Ron Pohl’s clients, an even harder situation came about when a sibling, after years of spiteful intimidation, refused to split a diamond business as stipulated in their father’s will. Litigation was a last resort, but navigating tax issues with the estate and other matters posed a major challenge — especially because a true accounting was not forthcoming. Although other prominent attorneys recommended that Mr. Pohl’s client settle for pennies on the dollar, the client ultimately received full value and, most importantly, attained a measure of peace of mind.

You should have absolute confidence in the skills and ethics of the lawyer you select to represent you or your family in a financially significant estate matter. To learn more about our Manhattan-based law firm’s approach and capabilities, please call or email us.