Individualized, Insightful Estate And Tax Planning

Simply stated, proper estate planning is the effective transfer of wealth to a client’s beneficiaries in the most tax-efficient manner. However, it can seem like an intricate problem when you consider the “who, how much, when and how” components of this equation. Attorney Ron Pohl is adept at breaking these questions down and providing insight that leads to clarity and confidence for our clients.

Executed properly, gifting can do wonderful things for your children, grandchildren, other family members and the charitable causes you value. Further, you probably know that carefully planned gifting makes sense because it means the money will go where you want it to, rather than being left exposed to significant taxation.

Knowledge, Experience And Personal Commitment You Can Rely Upon

At the Pohl Law Group, we believe that a successful estate plan can be envisioned and achieved only by fully understanding the individual client’s personal needs and business goals. We look at the big picture before proposing an estate plan, and we always keep key issues in full view. That includes family dynamics, control, health, business and personal assets, liabilities, and taxes.

An estate plan is effective only if it is properly implemented — and brilliant estate plans sometimes fail due to lack of diligence. We advise and assist our clients in following through on all aspects and elements of their estate plans.

Versed In All Aspects Of Gifting And Strategic Tax Planning

Estate tax and gift tax considerations have changed many times during Ron Pohl’s 30 years in practice. As a long-standing trusts and estates lawyer, as well as a certified public accountant (CPA), he will guide you through any specific challenge or the entire estate planning process in full view of current tax law and leading-edge planning tools:

  • Specific to gift and tax planning, Mr. Pohl will identify viable options and the most advantageous ways to structure and coordinate your overall estate plan.
  • We help charitable donors structure their bequests properly, negotiate important stipulations and ensure that they are recognized as they wish.
  • For many individuals and families with trust and estate needs — as well as needs crossing into areas such as business succession, transactions and litigation — Mr. Pohl serves as personal general counsel.

Mr. Pohl also identifies and helps resolve tax and estate planning concerns for people entering into prenuptial agreements or facing divorce. He is adept at reviewing marital agreements and settlement proposals in light of each client’s unique goals, making him an invaluable member of matrimonial law teams.

Personally Attentive · Dedicated To Exceptional Planning And Smooth Execution

We design plans that are simple to implement. We will make certain that you and your personal accountant understand what to watch for and what to do — and we will remain in touch and responsive, basing our counsel on the changes and new priorities in your life. Should any issue raise the possibility of litigation, you will know where to turn.

If you would like to evaluate lifetime transfer strategies and take action to avoid excessive estate taxes and future tax problems, contact us at the Pohl Law Group in Manhattan. Mr. Pohl works closely with clients living throughout the New York City metro area, Westchester County and surrounding areas, as well as many with interests in Florida and other states.