Business And Contractual Guidance Based On Decades Of Experience

At the Pohl Law Group, we work closely with people who have significant assets and loved ones they want to protect — and, often, highly significant decisions to make about business assets, contracts, relationships and disputes as well.

Business decisions that you might have made quickly and confidently at another point in your life and career can become more complex in later years — when you have likely begun thinking even more seriously about consequences for your heirs and successors. It is also common for estate and trust settlement to lead to a variety of business concerns for the inheriting generation.

Bringing Broad Experience And Perspective To Decisions That Matter To You

Ronald S. Pohl became a certified public accountant prior to earning his law degree, and he has practiced extensively throughout his career in business, real estate and contracts law. Today, he is widely known for providing comprehensive, innovative trust and estate solutions and personal general counsel to clients with other ongoing legal concerns and challenges. Providing sound business and contractual guidance and confronting and resolving problems that could lead to litigation are essential components of that service.

“When I first came to you, we were in truly bad shape, having been misguided by a major law firm many times your size and having paid exorbitant fees for their poor counsel. In a very short time, you whipped this mess into shape and aggressively pursued a creative strategy that most attorneys would not have had the stomach to pursue.” — appreciative client Steven B., in one of several personal accounts from those we serve

Mr. Pohl’s wide-ranging tax, estate and business law knowledge are important assets. So is his commitment to genuinely knowing and understanding each client’s personal priorities and risks. After all, decisions about business and money matter only because of the real people they affect. Should your case call for perspective from an active litigator or another lawyer with issue-specific knowledge, Mr. Pohl has an exceptional network of resources built across 30 years in practice.

To discuss whether a working relationship with Ron Pohl and our legal team in Manhattan can benefit you, call or email us at your first opportunity.